28 March 2011

Pissed Off!

im so fucking pissed off with some people..

some people who thinks they noe better than everyone else..

some people who thinks that they are so damn fucking good and innocent..

some people who loves to give you advises but forgot to look at themselves in the mirror..

some people who is selfish and only think about themselves..

some people who act nice in front of you but behind you they are actually assholes..

some people who just loves pissing you off..

so..to these people..

why don't you just fuck yourself and die!

take a good look at yourself first before you can talk bad about other people..

if you think you are so fucking innocent and good..can you answer my question..

can you guarantee me that there's a place for you in heaven?

p/s: sebelum kau nk ceramah n maki aku..ape kate kau pegi asah and kasi perfect dlu ilmu agama kau tu.. ;)

18 March 2011

Mood Swing

i dunno why these few days my mood is not so good..
kinda hav mood swing..
sometimes my mood is okay..
sometimes i can get angry so easily..
dunno why..
maybe because my PMS is coming..huhu

to those who feel upset with my attitude these few days..
am truly sorry..
i didnt mean it..

16 March 2011

Potty Training A Shih Tzu

Still remember my last post about potty training my Paris?
If you don't, please click here.

When i was browsing the internet, i came accross this website about Shih Tzu and how to train them. So, i just like to share this article with ya'll.

The 5 keys to your success are :

1 - When your dog gets up, take her to the potty place

2 - Feed your dog on a regular schedule which will eventually be twice a day, about 10-12 hrs apart. After he eats or drinks anything, take her to the potty place.

3 - After your dog plays or exercise, take her to the potty place.

4- Withhold water for 2 to 4hrs before your dog goes to bed.

5 - Just prior to go to bed, take him to the potty place.

Will try this steps. Hopefully it works!


15 March 2011

Depression is..

Depression is Loving someone with nothing in return,
Depression is Slowly living instead of jumping head first,
Depression is Acknowledging the mistake but without learn,
Depression is Not trying, giving into your lifes curse.

Depression is Cutting and cutting thinking you cant stop,
Depression is Staying quiet thinking no-one will care,
Depression is Floating around with the desire to drop,
Depression is Ignoring the people who always seem to be there.

Depression is Trying to end the life youve been given,
Depression is Watching other people watch you,
Depression is Giving up instead of being hard driven,
Depression is Depression, do you feel it too?

11 March 2011

New Job ;)


what can i say bout my new job ya..
i work as a Banquet Sales Officer at a clubhouse in seksyen U9 Shah Alam..
meaning that i need to promote the clubhouse so that club members or outsiders want to make events or parties there..
im specifically at a domestic part..
that means im handling parties..weddings..etc
while dyla handling all the corporate part like seminars..conference..AGM..etc

rite now the clubhouse still not fully opening..
currently what we hav is racket games (badminton, tennis, squash) and gym..
in the near future we will hav swimming pool..children fun pool..table tennis..futsal court.. children gameroom..paintball (maybe)..heli pad..children playground..kayak..banquet hall..coffee house..convenient store..lounge and a lot more that still under discussion..

the clubhouse is an open concept resort style..
located beside a lake..
very nice environment..far away from all the noise and all the hassle..
very relaxing and quiet place to rest ur body and ur mind..

will update the pics later..