28 October 2011

I Miss My Parent..

My parent left Malaysia for Hajj on 10 Oct 2011. They will be back on 23 Nov 2011. I miss them so much. :(

I miss your voice that used to softly sing my special lullaby.
I miss your hands that used to hold me when I was scared.
I miss your eyes that would bring me to ease each time I stared into them.
I miss your nicknames you gave me when I would act bad.
I miss you falling asleep to your heartbeat when I would lay my head upon your chest.
I miss the prayers you taught me when we prayed together.
I miss our long talks on the phone.
I miss the "I love you's" & "Be careful's" everyday.
I miss the "Good Morning" & "Good night's".
I miss our tickle fights.
I miss our arguments knowing you were always right.
I miss you...

I am blessed to have them as my parent even if i died and live again i cant find or have a parent like them. they always there for me whenever i need them. even i always take them forgranted, rarely tell them that i love n miss them, they still love me unconditionally. eventhough we're not a rich family, they always try their best to give me the best. eventhough i rarely tell them that i love them, deep in my heart there's no one that i love and need most than them. i would do anything for them even die for them.

"Ya Allah ya tuhanku, kau ampunilah dosa kedua ibu bapaku. Kau panjangkan lah umur mereka dan murahkan lah rezeki mereka. Kau jauhilah mereka dari segala bencana dan malapetaka. Kau sihatkan lah tubuh badan mereka agar mereka dapat menunaikan ibadah mu dengan sempurna agar mereka mendapat haji yang mabrur ya Allah. Tiada lain yang ku pinta darimu melainkan yang terbaik untuk mereka. Sesungguhnya Kau yang maha pengasih lagi mengasihani. Amin."

p/s: Hurt them? I'll have your head on my plate. ;)

02 October 2011

Pics Update!

01 October 2011

Happy Birthday Love!!

Happy 27th Birthday to my dear Syafiq Ridzuan!!
His birthday was on 29th Sept.

He always told to me that he never celebrate his birthday before.
So i think why not this year i plan a lil bit of suprise for him. hehe

on the 28th sept noon, i called his bestfriend Mat and told him that tomorrow is fick's bday and i want to plan sumthing for him. I asked Mat to tell a few of their friends about it n i said it wud be better if they can buy some flour and eggs. i also asked Mat to make sure that fick go to work a lil bit earlier tonight coz i want to bake some cupcakes for him.

at first i thot i wanna come n suprise him around 12am but then after discussing with Mat we changed the time. so i need to wait till they finish working around 3am.

fick went to work around 8pm that night and i start baking around 9.30pm. baking the chocolate moist cupcakes was easy but to decorate it with fondant was the hardest part. it took me nearly 3 hours just to decorate it. luckily i got boy, daus n dayah to help me.

we finish decorating the cupcakes around 2am. i called Mat and asked him to cepat2 kemas n go to McD Cheras. He said okay and will inform me back once they finish packing. at 3am mat sms me and ask me to come to downtown coz they already start throwing him the flour. i said its okay, just pujuk him to go to McD Cheras after diz. i'll meet them there.

Mat, Fick and Madir arrived at mcD around 3.30am. i waited in the car with daus n boy coz Andy and Zura havent arrive yet. after Andy and Zura came, then only i went to his table with the cupcakes and happy birthday candles on top of it. He was suprise and speechless!! Haha

because im in the office rite now so i dun hav his pics and the cupcakes. i'll update the pic later but the cupcakes look sumthing like this :

i called em the 18SX Cupcakes. hehe

After eating and chit chatting we all went back around 4.30am.
Eventhough its only 8 of us but as long as he was happy, im satisfied!
He said thank you to me many times that night. hee ;D
What makes me very happy is that everybody said the cupcakes is delicious.
Even when we sent sum of the cupcakes to his sister in law, kak ida in putrajaya,
kak ida said i bought the cupcakes. Haha

Lastly, Happy Birthday Syg and i wish u all the happiness and success in the world! I'll always love you and hopefully we will always be together and happy forever. ;)