18 August 2011

Oh Allah

Oh Allah, teach me to love others just like I love myself,
teach me to judge myself just like I judge others.
And if I have wronged anyone,
give me the courage to apologize,
and if anyone wronged me,
give me the courage to forgive
because you have taught me that forgiveness is
the highest level of strength and
revenge is the highest level of weakness.
And I ask you not to forget me in your forgiveness♥

16 August 2011


sakitnya hati aku cuma tuhan yg tahu..
kenapa kau buat aku cmni?
ape salah aku dgn kau smpai kau sanggup balas aku cmni?

kau tau ke ape yg aku rasa?
kau tahu cmna rasa sakitnya hati aku sekarang ni?
aku harap kau puas hati..
terima kasih byk2 atas segalanya n ape yg kau buat kat aku ni..
smpai mati pun aku akan igt..

15 August 2011

No Mood For Everything

dunno wut to write..
dunno wut to think..
dunno wut to do..
ive got no mood for everything..
feels like just wanna lay in my bed n do nutting..

why ive become like this?
im not sure..
maybe coz of this fuck up company that i worked with..
obviously it ruin everything especially my mood..

after Paris died..
i felt like a bit lost..
dun hav someone dat i can play talk n bully with..
miss her so much..
dunno whether i shud get a new puppy or not..
been thinking bout it but i cant make up my mind..

i wanna have my old life back..
i wanna feel normal again..
god please help me settle my prob asap..
im sick n tired of it already..

to my loved ones..
please get a normal job asap..
i want u to spend more time with me like before..
life's kinda bored without you n paris by my side..

to all of u who's reading my blog..
i dun give a fuck abt whatever u guys thinking bout me..
the reason i own a blog is just because i want a place where i can write about anything and everything..
so if u guys wanna talk bad about me or use any pics or wut i wrote for a bad purpose or shitting on me..