22 June 2011


ntah la..
xtau aku nk luahkan mcmane..
mcm2 bnda jadi..
bila life n family aku dh okay..
bnda lain lak jadi..
hati sakit..badan sakit..semua sakit..
cuma beberapa org yg terdekat je tau ape yg terjadi dlm hidup aku..
bertimpa2 ujian n dugaan yg dtg dr Allah..
kata kwn2 mungkin DIA tahu yg aku kuat n mampu tuk hadapi sbb tu DIA bagi aku dugaan yg mcm ni..
mungkin jugak ni balasan atas2 kesilapan n dosa2 yg aku dah buat..
semoga hari2 yg akan dtg lebih baik dari hari ini dan sebelumnya..

p/s: thx to all my GFs who always try to make me happy n comfort me when im down..i LOVE you guys!! ;)

07 June 2011

1st Day At Work

Well, what can i say?
My 1st day at work is quite boring actually..
All my colleagues is chinese..this is just a small office..
Just around 20people..they're all support team..engineers..
But they're all friendly tho..
Shui Wen the girl that i suppose to replace is still here..
So basically i got no work coz she still haven't finish most of her work and she haven't yet create a handover list to me..
Her last day will be on 15th June..

Because they're all engineers so they're quite nerdy..
Just sit at their place..doing their work..
The office is quiet most of the time..
Dats what makes me so sleepy.. (-.-)"
Hopefully Shui Wen can pass me some work asap..
As im bored to death at my cubicle..
Feels like want to puke whenever i look at this laptop monitor..

Will update later..bye guys!

02 June 2011



01 June 2011

Hello June!

well last 2 days is da happiest day of my life..
got a phone call n i got da job!!
Alhamdulillah.. ;)
i will be reporting to work on Monday 6th June..
Hopefully June will be a better month for me than May..

Last friday i supposed to go back to my hometown as im boring as hell here..
he's at penang and my housemate are all working..
only get to see them at nite..
while waiting for my car engine to heat up, i called him just to tell him dat im otw to go back BP..
then he said why dun u just go back tomorrow?
i asked him why n he didnt answered me..
i said if u dun tell me then i still wanna go back BP today..
then he told me that actually he's otw back to KL to surprise me..
he didnt know dat i wanna go back to my hometown and he's already reached Ipoh..
i was happy as hell but i just pretend that im still angry..huhu
actually he got 2 weddings last weekend..
his bestfriend's wedding is on saturday and his cousin's wedding is on sunday..
but still, he chose to be with me instead..
thank you so much for choosing me and spending ur time with me love.. ;)

p/s : I ♥ you, no matter how many fights we've had. I will always ♥ you.