22 February 2012

What's been happening

a lot of things happened in my life lately..
most of it not a good thing..
but i know there's a reason for everything that happened..
my life may not be going the way i planned it, but it is going exactly the way ALLAH planned it..
and im quite happy with it.. :)

i would like to thank the one person that always beside me whenever im up or down, happy or sad. That person is Syafiq Ridzuan. Thank you so much for everything that you had done. Thank you for always trying to be there for me whenever i need you. Thank you for putting up with my fuck up attitude and mood swings.

Syafiq Ridzuan,
When your life is going to fast,
off the train tracks I can slow it down,
just when you think your bout to turn back
scared you might crash I'll be your ground,
When your trapped and there's just no key,
And you can't breathe, I breathe for you,
The fire's got you down on both knees,
And the walls are closing in but I will break it through,
And when you feel alone I'm a be at home,
Whenevers comes and go, You know I got you,
Every step you take,
I will be your strength your shelter,
Shield you from the rain,
when your tears are dry from crying,
and when the worlds turned silent,
and when the clouds above Departed,
I will be right here with you,
You'll be right here with me. ♥